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I offer individual and family psychotherapy for children (starting at age 5), adolescents and adults. Finding the right provider is just as important as the therapy. Personality, treatment approach and availability are all critical factors to consider when selecting a treatment provider. Before we meet, I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation so we can discuss what you are looking for and how my services may help.

At this time, I do not accept payment through insurance. I can provide a monthly summary of services and payments rendered for you to apply for out of network reimbursement. Full payment is expected at the time of service. Payment can be made via credit card, check or cash. A valid credit card on file is needed prior to the start of services. 



Family based treatment differs from traditional individual psychotherapy for an eating disorder. The treatment model centers on empowering parents to support their child/teen through the recovery process. This family-centered approach is designed to help parents address the issues related to malnourishment, disruptive behaviors and intense emotional discord that is common for those who suffer from an eating disorder. Research has shown that parents are often the most effective support in the recovery process. My role is to guide and support you in helping your child regain a healthy relationship with food. Family based sessions are typically 50 minutes in length with a fee of $200.


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The first appointment consists of a comprehensive clinical assessment. This appointment typically takes 1-2 hours. This in depth appointment allows us time to explore your treatment and support needs. The assessment concludes with  the development a comprehensive treatment plan. The fee for the initial assessment is $400.


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Individual and family therapy services are typically 50 minutes in length and are $200. If needed, longer sessions can be scheduled in advance at a prorated fee.

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